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In 1992 Todd Riddell and Craig Little embarked on a services concept that changed the way operating rooms, surgeons and nurses conduct minimally invasive services. Today the service and cost savings model are regarded as one of the single top decisions hospital administrators move to; to save money, improve surgeon/nurse satisfaction and enhance patient care.

Our Guarantee

CSI guarantees a 30% savings. The savings are based on the facilities financial details.

Our Process

CSI provides free cost analysis and valuable consultation services to show each facility how the program can improve and drive budget friendly results.


CSi works with each facility individually to learn their own unique needs.
Then working with the OR team, specializes the precise types of services and products to provide.

Minimally Invasive Surgical Support Services

Within surgical and endoscopy operating rooms across the United States of America, Connected Surgical with our staff of highly trained and professional individuals, work to deliver an unmatched site-specific service. Our service boasts a robust knowledge and experience base
in all minimally invasive procedures within a variety of surgical specialties. Including General Surgery, Cardiothoracic, ENT, Urology, Gynecology, Robotics, Orthopedics, and many more.

CSi leads the industry in attentions to detail, all-inclusive surgical support. Our services are tailor made and professionally delivered with timely and efficient outcomes to your facility’s needs.

From providing instrumentation and scopes to your facilities, to troubleshooting video monitoring systems within the operating room during all contracted procedures. We ensure safe transport and successful completion of the sterilization processing and surgical instrumentation flow, to guarantee the turn-over of instrumentation for use in the remainder of your daily case volume. We handle repair and maintenance of equipment through a variety of cost saving models and industry connections forged and shaped over the last three decades of experience in and around Surgical Services.


If your facility is in need of minimally invasive instrumentation to accomplish your organizational goals and demands, Connected Surgical is here to assist. We can provide and service needed instrumentation and assist in outfitting your facility with an adequate and proficient arsenal of minimally and less invasive items. Such as: Laparoscopic Instrument sets, Cystoscopy Instrumentation, Hysteroscopic Instrumentation, Arthroscopic Instrumentation, in addition to essential components of said procedures: Camera’s, Light Cords, Scopes, and more!

Sterile Processing

With more than 30 years of experience within operating rooms and sterile processing departments, one of CSi’s core focuses is to improve your sterile processing efficiency through proven processes and innovative thought. With a collaborative team-oriented spirit, we will
work alongside your facility’s decision makers within your sterile processing department, operating rooms, surgeons, and nurses to decrease turnover time of heavily used and demanded instrument sets, improve efficiency, significantly decrease repair and maintenance costs, and provide an environment for your surgeons and staff to thrive and grow their businesses within your walls!

Equipment and Tech Support Management

We all know the growing responsibility, liability, and demands being placed on operating room staff. Surgeons, nurses, and surgical techs alike are inundated with more and more workloads while current operating room technologies continue to evolve and become obsolete to advanced technology. Along-side your facilities highly trained surgical staff, our team of Surgical Support Specialists will increase procedural efficiency by maintaining cutting edge technological support and troubleshooting during every contracted surgery we service. With a tried-and-true training curriculum our Surgical Support Specialist offer quick, professional solutions when time matters most. We train and work with a wide variety of surgical equipment brands inside operating rooms across the nation and form the necessary professional relationships with vendor representatives to continue to provide up to the minute on support on the state-of-the art equipment you’ve provided your staff.

Disposable Instrumentation and Devices

If your organization needs assistance sourcing disposable equipment, Connected Surgical has a vast network of resources to secure a wide range of industry leading brands and products for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Why Us?

Simply put… We Are More:

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CSi is always looking for talented Certified Scrub Techs and Sterile Processing Technicians with a strong “service minded” acumen. Enjoy the fast-paced setting of the operating room. Our services are premium and impactful to the facility and surgeons.

All candidates are subject to a reference check, face-to-face interviews, and drug screening.


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